The two armies under their commanders stood erect ready to charge,
One headed by a half-human and half-demon – indomitable and army supremely large.
He was great-grandson of Brahma and disciple of Shiva – with 10 heads and 20 arms,
Looked fierce, invincible, and after winning many battles he bore many scars.
Known in the Ancient world as the greatest scholar of Vedas and connoisseur of art,
Veena maestro, writer, and warrior, he roared like a lion to take on his counterpart.
There was no way he could be defeated even gods and goddesses would say,
He was the Dashamukh the invincible – he would never die – definitely no way!
Some said his ten heads depicted the ten vices that humans must discard.
Others said his ten heads depicted his 64 skills which earned him regard.

The other side stood, a handsome young prince son of Ayodhya with an army much small,
Believed to be an incarnation of Vishnu- stable and calm he too, was not destined to fall!
Rama and Ravana were to fight the decisive war for the next thirteen days.
To tell the world that it is always the victory of good and defeat of evil ways.

There is a question that came to the minds of many!
If Ravana was the Maha brahmana, the Invincible, the immortal then why did he fail?
Did lust and arrogance become the reason of the ruin of his otherwise illustrious life‘s tale

The great son of a sage and a benevolent ruler made only one mistake in his entire life.
He disrespected and abducted Sita – the Shakti who was Rama’s wife.
Disrespecting women and disregard of feminine strength is the greatest sin!
Kauravas too paid a big price for disrobing Draupadi and Padavas enjoyed the win.

This Dussehra, let’s pledge to respect Indian women, not for pretense, but from within,
Then we would have understood the meaning of this day and, GOOD would win .
Brush the demon that propagates women inequality from our society away,
Then all of us would have celebrated the Dussehra and learnt the lesson in the truest way
Happy Dussehra!

Happy Dussehra Poem about Dussehra by Sonika Singh




OCTOBER 8, 2019

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