Mrs. Patil, a teacher in a prestigious school in Pune, complains – “The kids walk past you in the corridor without greeting the teachers. It is so disheartening.’’

Neha, a tenth grader of an elitist school In Delhi, says, “I feel so discouraged and sad when my teacher does not reply to my morning salutations and simply nods and sometimes not even nods’’.

“My boss is really cool, and as he comes on the floor he announces his arrival in his loud and exciting tone- Good morning fellows! How are we today?” says Sarla, the Manager of an HR team.

Greeting someone has been an integral part of our culture and gradually we are getting so involved with our busy lives – self-absorbed and cocooned in ourselves that we have forgotten to see the power of a simple Hello! Is our nonchalance, narcissism, or vanity that make all of us either not extend a morning cheer or respond to one in goodwill.

Saying a Hello to a fellow being goes a long way,

It is surely a positive way to begin a new day.

Isn’t greeting others a basic etiquette we learned in Kindergarten?

It is a way to break the ice and an effective communication tool!

A hello may start a friendship with a complete stranger!

Who knows this simple greeting could get you a connection or a beginning of a new venture?

By saying hello to your boss or a teacher every day

You get noticed by them in a subtle but sure way

Your cherry hello with a smile could brighten someone up!

It only has benefits, loses are none.

When a boss says hello to a team member or a subordinate

He creates an atmosphere of cordiality, and the team members feel great!

I wonder why some people smirk, show surprise, or ignore when greeted.

Think again! Greet others! Respond with a smile! Don’t be conceited!





JUNE 28, 2018

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