Where did all the stories go?

They were erased with time when my parents became busy.

Where did all the stories go?

 They were replaced when my grandparents found their best pal in TV.

Where did all the stories go?

 They became unimportant when my teachers made writing more important.

Where did all the stories go?

They degenerated in our interactions over Instagram and Twitter.

Storytelling is an ancient art. We see early narration of stories of hunting illustrated in drawings on the walls of caves. In these thousands of years of evolution, stories have strongly influenced us physiologically and psychologically.  It is well evidenced that our brain is wired to understand and remember concepts and facts weaved in stories. Storytelling has flourished and formed civilizations.

When children listen to stories, first and foremost a bond is created between the narrator and the listener. Children develop the skill of “effective listening” and not just “mere hearing”.  Stories take children into new worlds – giving wings to their imaginations. Stories will always remain a medium to strongly but gently inculcate moral and ethical values without being didactic.

Here is one story for our young readers.

In the Freedo land lived two frogs – Fred and Freaky. One day while playing, they accidentally jumped into a bucket of cream on a dairy farm.

Freaky croaked “May as well give up, we have been trying in vain.”  ‘’ We are going to die!’’

“Keep on paddling”, said Fred. “We will get out of this mess somehow”

Freaky lamented, “There is no use trying, too thin to jump, too thick to swim, too slippery to crawl. We are definitely going to die sometime, so it may as well be tonight”. He sank to the bottom of the bucket and died.

But Freedo kept on paddling and paddling and paddling……

By next morning, he was perched on a mass of butter, which he had turned all by himself. There he sat with a grin on his face eating the flies that came swarming from all directions attracted to the creamy butter.

Freedo the little frog discovered – what all of us most of the time forget and ignore. Persistence is the key to success. Never ever give up! If you stick with the task long enough, you are going to be a winner.

I Have A Story To Tell Article/Blog By Sonika Singh




DECEMBER 18, 2017

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