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Welcome to a nurturing space where education meets empathy, words weave emotions, and guidance transforms lives. Meet a teacher, counsellor, and poet here to inspire, support, and empower.

Sonika Singh has 30 years of experience teaching the English language in schools and colleges in Delhi, Pune, Belgium, and Holland. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have taught CBSE, IB, State, IGCSE, and ICSE curricula. She earned her graduate honours and Master’s in English Literature from Miranda House, Delhi University. She also completed her Bachelor’s in Education from Delhi University and a Master’s in Education from Pune University. She has also earned certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (USA). She is a certified Career and Success coach who has mentored students from India and abroad.

It was in 1993 that she started her teaching career. She endeavoured to help her students become avid readers, persuasive writers, attentive listeners, and eloquent speakers all these years.

As a mentor, Sonika Singh empowers educators, nurturing their potential, refining their methodologies and growing the brigade of language teachers. As a Career counsellor, She has assisted students in seeking admission to some of the premier institutes in India and abroad. 

The canvas of Sonika extends beyond academia; her poetry touches the heart and ignites contemplation, offering a glimpse into the world of human emotions.

Explore her wealth of experience and embrace her guidance!

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English Language Teaching & Training

A seasoned educator fluent in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB curriculum. An expert teacher trainer, committed to enhancing your language skills and helping you succeed.

Career Counselling

Her tailored approach includes personalized consultations, and strategic planning, empowering individuals to confidently steer their career paths in the right direction.


An artist of the soul, a brush painting the intricate hues of human emotion on the canvas of her verses. With each carefully chosen word, guiding readers to contemplation.

Business English & IELTS Trainer

Specialises in empowering professionals to excel in business communication, focusing on clarity and grammar to ensure effective communication.